Scientific reasons behind Holi festival of colors

On the day of Holika Dahan, we make big bonfire and burn it in the evening. All the people come together at that time and walk around the fire.  

What exactly is the reason behind this?  You will say- Many many years ago, There was a cruel king of the name Hiranyakashipu.

Wait!  Wait!  Wait!

That thing will take hundreds of years now!  But still why should we celebrate Holi every year even in the 21st century?

So listen, this is Hinduism. It has a history of more than three thousand years.  There must be a reason behind each of these. This religion with a scientific outlook. It is bringing happiness in human life through the use of science.

Let’s see the scientific perspective of Hindu culture behind the celebration of Holi.

1) The heat during holika dahan kills bacteria in your body

Holi is celebrated mainly in march month. It was the beginning of spring. It is also the end of winter and the beginning of summer.

This is what happens when different types of bacteria are spread in the environment. These bacteria can also enter our body. 

To prevent this, a large fire is lit on the day of Holika Dahan. In that fire certain types of herbs are burned. This destroys most of the bacteria in the environment. 

People walk around this fire. This protects us from those pests. That is the scientific reason behind Holika Dahan.

2) Dealing with laziness of season change

During the Holi festival, winter ends and Summer arrives.  So the atmosphere changes a lot. The changes in this season make us lazy.  

To overcome this laziness, the joyful festival of Holi is celebrated during this time. At this time, people do all these things like playing with colors, applying color to each other, singing, dancing, spending time with their loved ones and so many things.  

This all activities removes laziness and brings freshness to the body. A enjoyable life is a big scientific reason behind celebrating the historical festivals of Holi and Rangpanchami.

3) Natural colors have scientific advantages

Rangpanchami festival has been going on since krishna-kal. The festival has a long history. Today, in the 21st century, we use artificial colors for Rangpanchami.  

So my question is what color did the people of that time use for Rangpanchami during Krishna period? So it was not an artificial color.  So where did the people of that time get the color from?  

So the people of that time used to make colors from plants and flowers.  Some colors were made from herbs.

When the tradition of Holi started, people started using medicinal plants like turmeric, neem, jasmine, basil to create colors. This color also enhances the beauty of the body.  

Also these colors have good effects on the body. These herbs and natural dyes also protect our body from many diseases. This is one of the main reasons why natural colors play Holi with each other in this holy festival of Rangpanchami.

4) Where we are going Wrong ?

Yes! Holi is not just a religious festival but a successful endeavor to live a healthy life. The festival of Holi started many, many years ago. 

So my question is, is Holi celebrated in the same way that people of that time used to celebrate today? So the answer is clearly no. People of that time used to burn herbs in Holika Dahan. 

So the germs in the atmosphere used to die. But now we avoid doing too many things. Also people of that time used natural colors for Rangpanchami. 

So along with the beauty of the body, we were protected from many diseases. But now synthetic dyes made from chemicals are used. So those colors can have a good or bad effect on the body.

So if we are playing Holi with so many changes, then the attempt to celebrate Holi in the true sense fails. And the scientific approach behind the Holi festival of Hinduism disappears to some extent.

So let’s decide to celebrate Holi in the truest sense of the word. And let us once again succeed in the effort of Hinduism to maintain physical and mental health in the human race.

5) How to make natural colors to play Healthy Holi

When Holi really started. The people of that time used flowers and plants to create natural colors. This is mentioned in many Hindu scriptures. People generally using plants like neem, jasmine, turmeric.

Let’s see how we can create natural colors to play healthy Holi even today. The following plants can be used to create different colors.

Green: Mehndi, dried leaves of Gulmohar, Neem.

Red: Rose petals, Palasha flowers, Red Jaswant.

Blue: Indian berries, blue grapes, blue hibiscus.

Yellow: Haldi powder, marigold, sunflower, gulbhendi flower.

Saffron: mixing lime with Haldi powder, orange powder, barberry.

6) Conclusion by Atman

So, Looking at the scientific reasons behind the celebration of Holi, it is clear that this grand festival of Holi is not just a religious festival. It is a successful attempt of Hinduism to bring happiness and health in human life.

It is very important for everyone who celebrates Holi to know these reasons. It would be foolish to celebrate Holi without knowing it.

Atman expects us to celebrate every Holi with joy, keeping a scientific approach in mind.

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