The most advanced Aircraft in the human history…

Ancient people was amazed to see pushpak vimaan

On 17 December 1903, two brothers Wilbur & Orvile Wright made four brief flights at Kitty hawk with his aircraft. The Wright brothers had invented the first successful airplane of the world. 

Wait!  Wait!  Wait!

Have you heard about the Pushpak Vimaan (पुष्पक विमान)? If your answer is No. So you are missed to know about an amazing scientific discovery of the world.

The world may have ignored this research, but in epics like the Ramayana, it is mentioned as a glorious discovery ever. From this, ancient modern India and the scientific view of Hindutva was inherited before the world. 

Let’s see about..Pushpak Vimaan: the most advanced aircraft in the human history..

1) The Magnificent History

One of the important event in Ramayana is Sita Haran (सीता हरण)! In this case, it is mentioned that Ravana has a flying plane. This plane is nothing but the Pushpak Vimaan.

After Ravana was killed in the Rama-Ravan war, the journey from Lanka to the Ayodhya was completed by Rama, Laxman and Sita along with the rest of the Vanarsena in this Pushpak vimaan.

The Pushpak Vimaan was built by Vishwakarma, the sculptor of the gods, for the god Kubera. Kubera had heard about his brother Ravana’s many deeds and atrocities. So he sent a messenger of peace to Ravana but he beheaded the messenger with his sword in anger.  

This case led to big war between Kubera and Ravana. But Ravana’s demon-army defeated Kubera’s army with its magic. In the battle, Ravana snatched the Pushpak Viman from Kubera along with Lanka-Nagari.

It is mentioned in various ancient Hindu scriptures of India many flying vehicles and planes. There is also mention of many military-capable aircraft, man-made and modern aircraft. But the Pushpak Vimaan is the only flying vehicle that is fully mentioned in the Valmiki Ramayana.

2) The Most Advanced Aircraft

Although many flying vehicles are mentioned in Hindu mythology, the Pushpak viman has been given the status of the most modern aircraft due to its special qualities.

According to Valmiki Ramayana; The Pushpak Vimaan was a shape-changing vehicle. The number of seats increased according to the number of passengers. It is useful not only for travel in the sky but also for travel on land. It used to travel according to the wishes of the Swami and leave his Swami at the appointed place.

After the Rama-Ravan war, the journey of such a large army of monkeys to Ayodhya with Rama, Laxman and Sita was made possible due to the special shape of the Pushpak Vimaan.

3) Mention of Pushpak Vimaan

Valmiki Ramayana refers to Ravana’s Pushpak Vimaan as a wonderful instrument. According to Valmiki Ramayana; It was as if a Pushpak Vimaan was flying in the sky, driven by a swan.  

It was built in such a beautiful way that it was as if a complete palace had been built as a vehicle. In most places on the vehicle; Gems were used. There were many colorful figures and carvings of horses. 

Swami Valmiki, while describing the Pushpak Vimaan, says:

तस्य ह्म्यर्स्य मध्यथ्वेश्म चान्यत सुनिर्मितम। बहुनिर्यूह्संयुक्तं ददर्श पवनात्मजः॥

In some places in the Valmiki Ramayana like incident of Ashok Vatika, there is a mention of Pushpak Vimaan. Lord Hanuman was amazed to see this wonderful plane. According to Valmiki Ramayana; The Pushpak Vimaan was nothing short of a surprise in that era.

4) Airfields of Ramayana period

According to the Sri Lanka Aviation Authority; Ravana had several flying vehicles in addition to the Pushpak Vimaan, which he used to travel to different areas. 

Ravana had built some airfields in Lanka for the landing of these aircraft. Six of these airfields are said to still exist today but the remaining airfields were destroyed by Lord Hanuman at the time of the Lanka-Dahan (burning of the Lanka).

Some of these Airfields are named:

  • Veragantota (Now Mahiyangana)
  • Thotopola Kanda (Hotton Plains)
  • Variapola (Current Metele)
  • Gurulupotha (Mahiyanagana, MP)

5) Aeronautics in Hinduism

Vimaan is a Sanskrit word and is made up of two words Vi(sky) and Maan (counting). Some texts in Hinduism mention aircraft manufacturing and aeronautics.

The Rig Veda mostly mentions aircraft 200 times. Many of these aircraft were built by Ashwini Kumar who was got the status of a scientist. Gold, silver and iron were commonly used to make aircraft. In some of these places, there is mention of a ship named Cara and a three floors aircraft called Tritala.

There is a lot of information about aircraft in a book called Samarangan Sutradhar (समरांगण सूत्रधार). More than 225 of these sentences mention the creation and flight of the aircraft.

Complete information on aircraft manufacturing and operation is found in Vaimanik Shastra (वैमानिकशास्त्र) written by Maharshi Bharadwaj.  This scripture is a part of his major book Yantra-Sarveshvaram(यंत्र-सर्वेश्र्वम).

6) Conclusion by Atman

Many scientific things like aeronautics are hidden in the scriptures of Hinduism.  Many of these things will seem like an exaggeration to you.  But even the idea of a computer before the invention of the computer must have seemed an exaggeration. 

Considering many such things like Pushpak Vimaan, Hinduism is a tradition with a scientific outlook. And every Hindu is a Scientist !

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