" The Gita is not only my Bible and my Koran. It's more than that, it's my Mother. "

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

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Due to the scientific practices and concepts that form the basis of human life in Hinduism since the time of human evolution, this religion always forces thinkers and scholars to think. The world may have ignored the radical changes in Hinduism and the influx of new ideas, but history has written them in golden letters.

Those thoughts of thinkers came up in the form of writing and were able to tell the true meaning of Sanatan Dharma to the world.  His writings are still drawing the world towards Hindutva. Thoughts of thinkers like Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda and Annie Besant about Hinduism reached the masses.

Originally written in Sanskrit, the Bhagavad Gita was translated into regional languages. so that the world could enjoy the ultimate knowledge. Perhaps it is because of his writings that the world today is getting to see the true face of Hinduism.

1] The Hindu Way by Shashi Tharoor

Author : Shashi Tharoor
Released : September 2019

2] An Introduction to the Hinduism

Author : Gavin Flood
Released : 13 July 1996

3] The Hindus ~ an alternative history

Author : Wendy Doniger
Released : 2009

4] The complete work of Swami Vivekananda

Author : Swami Vivekananda
Released : 1 January 2011

5] The Essence of Hinduism

Author : M. K. Gandhi
Released : 1 January 2011

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