Let’s think that I’m the Atman..

Symbol of realisation of Atman in the form of growing plant on hand

Atman ! The world’s most appreciated concept which is considered as the fundamental tenet of Hinduism. Atman (आत्मन) is a Sanskrit word that means true self or soul.

1) Introduction to The Atman

When we think about Central teaching of Hinduism; we must have to think about Bhagwat Geeta. Because Geeta is considered as essence of the Hinduism.

When we talk about Central teaching of Bhagwat Geeta; there are different approaches to it. Some says Central teaching of Gita is devotion (भक्ति). Some says that is Action (कर्मा). Shri Krishna repeatedly forces Arjuna to come into the action. Another way of looking at the Geeta is that manual and spiritual life. 

Adi Shankara

Hindu Monk

One who have understood that what is the Atman ; he is always like the King, distinct from the body, senses, mind and intellect.

No doubt all of this approaches are true. but if you are actually look at Bhagwat Geeta, when Shri Krishna starts teaching Arjuna is probably the central message of Vedanta and that is teaching of the Atman.

2) What is The Atman?

Wait! We are talking about this Atman. We are considered it as the heart of Hinduism. But what is this Atman? My dear readers; It’s you. It’s our real nature, What we really are?

Hermann Hesse

German Poet

Beginning to doubt the gods, there is only Atman ... and where is Atman found but in the self ? But where is this self ?

The Geeta is also talk about the answer to the question who I am or more precisely what I am? Because who I am? It can lead to different kind of approach. Specially in our world today who I am? means I am a artist, I am good person or bad person. This answers related to a personality, the mind, our disposition. but beyond that there is an essential nature to our self, spiritual nature dependent person that is the Atman. 

3) Heart of The Hinduism

If we would really know ourself as we really are. If we know that what I am, then all our problem actually will be solved.

In the Geeta, all the rest; God, creation of the universe, incarnation (अवतार), teaching about love, devotion, knowledge, meditation, action all of them come afterward.

The first thing; from 11th verse of 1st chapter of the Geeta to about 25th verse of 2nd chapter after Arjuna finished his questions and doubts; when Shri Krishna starts teaching to him is concentrated on the Vedantic doctrine of the Atman.

4) Knowledge of The Atman

In the Hinduism; we consider the Atmagyan (knowledge of the atman) as the aim of the human life. When we talk about the Atmagyan; It means a realisation of the Atman, not just know about it.

Swami Vivekanand was said: “Each soul is potentially divine”. It means; we have divinity already, we are the Atman already. We have to just realise this and manifest it in our day to day life. Manifest it means applied it on our life.

Just feel woo! I am cool, I am atman & then losing your temper after every little irritation, get upset because things do not goes as you wish. No! Manifesting the Atmagyan means literally become nice in day to day life.

If we struggle to gather & cultivate the quality of niceness. My dear readers; it’s long-life struggle & pretty difficult. Hinduism says; Don’t try to be a nice, try to know yourself that I am the Atman. Then you see, you will become a nice person automatically. This is the magic of Hinduism. This is what makes Hinduism the most spiritual religion in the world ever.

5) Let's Think that I'm The Atman..

Then finally; if we will accept reality that I’m the Atman; then we will notice the change in thoughts emotions, way we will think, way of we will deal with the people in our daily life.

Then lot of peace will come inside us, a great relief will get. If you think more about this, great lightness will come upon us. Fear of death will decrease, the horrible reality of the world will become illusion.

Swami Vivekananda

Hindu Monk

This is the secret of spiritual life: to think that I am the Atman not the physical body.

Because we will feel its not real apart from us. We will feel that we are free from boundage of karma. We will realise ourself as light of pure awareness. 

Hinduism says this should be the teaching of every religion, every civilization of the world. Then our aim will be accomplished. Then we will truly love the world. Then the world will become the heaven of the God.

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