" I love Christianity, Islam & many other faiths through Hinduism. "

~ Mahatma Gandhi ~

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|| अयम् आत्मा ब्रह्म ||

One of Hinduism’s most fundamental tenets is that I am the Atman, not the physical body, emotions, external mind or personality. 

Each human being, regardless of religion, geographic region, gender, color or creed is in reality Atman clothed in a physical body.

World's Oldest Faith

let's explore the Hinduism...

Hinduism is the world’s third largest religion with over 1.25 billion followers or 15-16% of the global population after Christianity & Islam.

Hinduism-world's oldest faith

Way Of Life

let's learn how to Live...
Hinduism is a unique religion in the world which is always in the discussion of scholars and thinkers. Hinduism is not..
Hinduism is a way of life

World Acceptance

let's accept the Hinduism...

India, the most diverse country in the world, has always been revered.  Due to the changing culture and ideology of…

World acceptance of Hinduism

Just Read Once

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Due to the scientific practices and concepts that form the basis of human life in Hinduism since the time of human….
importance of Hindu scripture

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They All Love Hinduism

I have nothing of the communalist in me
because my Hinduism is all inclusive.
"Tolerance of other religions is an important feature of Hinduism."
- Bal Tilak
"I am Hindu. I am proud to be Hindu"
- Swami Vivekananda
"It believes that all religions are collectivist due to differences of authority."
- S. Radhakrishan
"Hinduism is synonymous with Humanism."
- H. G. Wells